Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dot graph from GStreamer pipeline

For creating a dot graph from a GStreamer pipeline set the environment variable GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_DIR ( NOT GST_DEBUG_DUMP_DOT_FILES) to a correct output folder.

Start a pipeline:
gst-launch playbin uri=file:///home/thijs/Desktop/mewmew-vorbis-ssa.mkv

On warnings and error's this pipeline will create a dot file. A error can be generated by killing the output window. Now you can transform this dot file to a svg/png/... file. I prefer the use of svg files because the png file from this pipeline is more than 38000 pixels width and crashes my image viewer.
dot -Tsvg -o pipeline.svg

Now you can view your pipeline in inkscape.

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